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EN14476 Tests Against Covid-19

Coronaviridae belong to the order of Nidovirales and group IV. These enveloped virus with doublestrand RNA are responsible for respiratory diseases :

SRAS-CoV : Severe acute respiratory syndrome
MERS-CoV : Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus.

These controversial viruses have drawn the opinion of the supervisory authorities. Thus, in the recommendations of the Canadian health authority, it is mentioned: “The coronavirus is classical coronaviruses are susceptible to 0.1% sodium hypochlorite, 0.1% organochlorine, 10% iodophore, 70% ethanol and 2% glutaraldehyde, but resistant to 0.04% quaternary ammonium compound and phenolics.”

In addition, the French Society of Intensive Care, and the High Council of Public Health in its opinion (28.06.13) state:”( … ) to date, no disinfectant has not been tested on the MERS-CoV.

EN 14476 uses two test viruses including poliovirus is a naked virus, particularly resistant. Given the uncertainty about the survival of the H-CoV coronavirus or SARS-CoV in the environment (up to hours) and activity of disinfectants, and in this context of emerging virus with significant pathogenicity and giving disease without specific treatment, it is legitimate to propose a “security strategy” aimed activity validated on a particularly resistant viruses (poliovirus).”

DISINFECTANT® products diluted to 2.5% are active on naked virus (Adeno-, Polio- and Norovirus) according to EN14476:2013 standard.  MERS-CoV is a virus belonging to Group IV (the same group that Poliovirus). Enveloped viruses are inactivated usually more easily than naked viruses. Since DISINFECTANT® formulas are active on naked viruses; they are also efficient on enveloped viruses.

Even diluted at 0.5% of DISINFECTANT® formulations contain more than 0.04% quaternary ammonium compounds. Moreover, our formulas contain co-formulants for which coronaviruses have not developed resistance. The risk of Coronaviridae developing resistance to DISINFECTANT® formulas is minimal.

Based on these data, virucidal effectiveness of DISINFECTANT® validated on the Adenovirus, Poliovirus and Norovirus (EN 14476:2013), can be extended to Coronaviridae (*).


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