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Covid-19, Safety Protocol For Office

Truly Nolen Cambodia, Safety Protocol of Disinfectant Against SARS-Cov-2 ‘Covid-19″ for Offices.

A. Backgroun

Due to COVID-19 (កូវីដ១៩) pandemic,  the world  economy had  to shutdown  overnight.  The offices have  been affected by a  lot  of  direct  and  indirect  factors,  such  as  working  from   home, lockdowns, travel  restrictions,  social distancing,  reduced  earning,  absenteeism  and population  experiencing uncertainty about health  and safety.

According  to  available  data  until  this  document was  written,  a  lot  of countries  have  slightly relaxed the restrictions, while others have faced a “second, Third wave”  and went back to more restricted measures.  Data change in  a daily  basis,  but it must be considered that some changes came to stay.

Offices  are going  through  a  lot of changes,  regarding  behavior  and  structure,  that  may  affect the society for years  to come.  For example,  studies  have suggested  that there will  be an  increase  in   people working  permanently from home  in  some  regions  of the globe  from around 5% (before COVID-19)  to around 10%,   alter  the virus.  This  increase  may be even  higher  for  the  ones  who conduct  part of the  job  from office and  part from home,  jumping  from 32-36%  to  just under  50%. Surveys have shown  that,  in  the  future, most of the  people will  want to work from the office at least some  days of the week,  but with  some changes, such  as more private  desks,  more social  distancing and more flexibility  to work from home.

So,  more  critical  than  ever,  it  is  time  to  follow  Health  Federal  Agencies  protocols or ministry of health  and  to  listen  to employees’  perceptions and needs.

Considering  these  needs,  this  document  presents  guidelines  based  on  CDC, Centers  for  Disease Control and  Prevention (មជ្ឈមណ្ឌលត្រួតពិនិត្យ និងបង្ការជំងឺឆ្លង), OSHA, Occupational Safety and  Health Administration (ការគ្រប់គ្រងសុវត្ថិភាព និងសុខភាព) and WHO, World Health Organization (អង្គការសុខភាពពិភពលោក) recommendations and Truly Nolen lnternational’s best practices of sanitization​, disinfection with the goal of helping Offices to establish COVID19 safely program. This document aims to supplement,  not replace any Federal  or  Local  Legislation  regarding  this subject.

B. COVID-19 mode  of transmission  and  symptoms

+ Transmission (ការចម្លងមេរោគ) :Coronaviruses​(មេរោគកូរ៉ូណា),  such  as SARS-Cov-2  #hat  causes  COVID-19,  are  spread  mostly  person-to-person,  by contact with  contaminated  respiratory  droplets. A  secondary  route  of  infection  occurs through surfaces,  when  a person  touches  a contaminated object/fomite  and  transfers  the virus  to nose,   mouth  and  eyes.  To  prevent the spread  of the  disease,  measures  should  focus  mainly  on social distancing,  cleaning  and disinfection of surfaces, and washing/sanitizing/cleaning hands.

+ Symptoms (រោគសញ្ញា): Common COVID-19   symptoms   include  fever (គ្រុនក្តៅ),   headache​ (ឈឺក្បាល),   sore   throat,   cough (ឈឺក),   fatigue (អស់កម្លាំង), vomiting (ក្អួត), and  diarrhea (រាគ).  Loss of taste and  smell and  skin  rashes may also occur.  In  more severe cases,  patient may experience shortness of breath, cardiac  and  neurologic complications, kidney failure and even death.

Studies  have  suggested  that around  10-30% of the individuals  infected  remain  asymptomatic and around  80% of the  symptomatic experience  mild to moderate symptoms.  The fatality  rate  is estimated to  range from 0.3%  to around  3%.  As age  increases and  individuals with  underlying health diseases are in a greater risk of having severe symptoms or even die from this sickness. These include:

    1. Respiratory diseases,  such as COPD and asthma
    2. Coronary and circulatory system  diseases
    3. Metabolic diseases and obesity
    4. Chronic kidney diseases
    5. immunosuppressed diseases

C. Preparing  your Office

– Develop protocol to track daily  COVID- 19 official data in your Community.

– Establish and test different communication sharing systems with employees.

– Establish clear strategies  if someone  inside the facility gets  infected.

– Have the staff trained periodically.

– Design one  person, for example, the manager, to be responsible to respond to COVID-19 concerns.

– Have the guidelines  written  and accessible,  along  with  strategic  communication  channels  with local – Health Agencies include government or other authority.

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