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Truly Nolen’s interactive Pest Guide is your guide to identifying common household pests and the problems they cause. You will also find tips on preventing and treating pests found in your home. See what types of pests are commonly found in each season using our Seasonal Pest Guide or search for more information on specific types of pests and their behavior in our Pest Identifier.

Have a specific pest question? Ask our Expert, or read one of our many educational blog posts on pests and related topics. If you are unsure about your family’s risk factors for a pest problem, use our Home Scorecard to see if your home is at risk and needs professional assistance or get information on when and what types of Termites might be swarming in your area.


Identify common household pests with our interactive pest identifier. Easily identify what’s bugging you by browsing different types of pests. Explore facts, tips for control, pictures and videos of pests and damage they cause.


Not sure what Truly Nolen services are available for different types of pests? Utilize our Service Guide for more information on the different quality services Truly Nolen has to offer for your home or business.


Pest behavior varies by season. Truly Nolen developed a proactive Insect Control Program addressing the changes in pest behavior from season to season. Learn more about common pests found in the; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter months and Truly Nolen’s approach to addressing these specific pest problems.


Thinking like a bug is key to preventing household pest problems. Learn more about how easy pests enter the home and some tips for keeping them out. Learn about things in and around your home that could allow pests to thrive; from leaky faucets to leaving your dog’s half eaten food out and how these simple things can impact your ability to prevent pests from coming or staying in your home.


We work to minimize our impact on the environment, while providing a lifestyle free of pests for our customers. Our commitment to the environment and our customers, is supported by the best choices for pest control from business practices to material application.


Truly Nolen’s Pest Advice blog is an educational resource for information on common household pests, termites, rodents, bed bugs and more. Learn more about common pest problems and advice for controlling and treating for pests and termites inside your home.


Got a pest related question? Ask our resident Pest Expert, Scott Svenhiem, or search our archive of questions and responses from other customers.


Truly Nolen’s Home Scorecard provides you with insight into the your home’s unique risk factors for pests, termites and rodents. Answer a few quick questions and we can tell you if you are at low, medium, or high risk for experiencing pests inside your home and steps you can take to minimize or eliminate pest activity. Scorecards are available for Pests, Termites and Rodents.


See what types and when termites are likely to be swarming in your area. Different parts of the country are affected at different times. You can read more about the types of termites found in your area, signs of damage, and tips for controlling these pests in our Pest Guide.