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Get a custom Home Scorecard that details your home’s unique risk factors. Answer a few questions below and we will tell you if you are at low, moderate or a high level risk for pest invasions. Your personal score card will give you an overview of what effects your risk and tips on how to minimize pest activity inside your home.

Rodent Control

Sometimes you do not see them but hear them in your attic or see signs of them in your kitchen. Be alert for the signs.

Not hearing them, although a good sign, does not necessarily mean they are not there. Rodents can live quite quietly in your attic if well insulated. Homeowners are sometimes shocked to find out they are not living alone and have colonies of rodents living and dying, not to mention defecating and urinating, in their attic.

You are not off the hook just because you can’t smell them. The level of infestation has to be high and long term before the smell becomes overwhelming, especially if they live in your attic and you rarely go up there.

Great, but stay diligent. A roof rat only needs a hole the size of a quarter and mice the size of a dime.

Your caulking is getting a little old, Truly Nolen does a complete inspection of all entry points in your perimeter and will advise you of your vulnerable areas.

Good. Reduce your risk of finding unwelcome houseguests, by reducing structures around your home that provide food or shelter.

Be cautious! Discourage rodents from entering your home by cutting back nearby tree branches and removing trees that are less than 3 feet away.

Great, rodents can damage your insulation and cause you to lose heat or cooling.


Great, one of the signs of the presence of rodents is the gnawing of electrical wiring causing shorts in your circuits.