History of Truly Nolen

1970 's Early 70s TV commercial "Creepy Crawly Jingle"
1962 Rachel Carson's Silent Spring brought the issue of DDT pesticide toxicity to public awareness
1950 First international Truly Nolen franchise opens up in Mexico
1960 's First Volkswagen Bug made into a Mousecar
1960 's Family companies merged under one name forming - Truly Nolen of America -
1950 Started using antique cars for advertising
1960 's The first Red Ant developed in Albuquerque, NM forerunner to the Mousecar
1955 Truly David Nolen founded his own company in Tucson, AZ
1940 's Chlorinated hydrocarbons developed during WWII began the modern era of pesticides
1938 Truly Wheatfield Nolen founded the company in Miami, FL during the Great Depression
1990 's First company in the U.S. to use Bayer's Premise®
1990 's Truly William Nolen named Director of Domestic Franchising
1970 's Truly in a Can" is introduced
1970 's Pesticide regulation became responsibility of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
1990 's Developed environmentally friendly pest control before "going green" was popular
2001 New corporate headquarters opened in Tucson, AZ
1990 's Scott Nolen named President
1980 's Opened first national training center in Phoenix, AZ
1990 's Truly Nolen celebrates 75th year Anniversary
2013 Truly Nolen celebrates 75th year Anniversary
2012 Truly Nolen hits $100 Million in revenue
2010 Truly Nolen begins a company-wide "Good Citizens Week" PR campaign
2012 Truly Nolen begins a company-wide "Good Citizens Week" PR campaign
2014 Purchased "The Springs" and moved Western training facility to Tucson
2000's Truly Nolen converts its now world-famous Mouse Car into a stretch limo
2000's Guinness Book of World Records: World's Largest Mouse Trap
2000's Treated famous gunfight site in Tombstone, AZ
2000's Introduced: Tornado
2000's Introduced: Total Termite Protection
2000's Opened $5 million Truly University Training Center in Orlando, FL
2000's Opened second Truly University in Phoenix, AZ
2014 131 International franchises (and counting)
2000 's Introduced Monitored Defense System