Pharaoh Ant Facts

Typically Pharaoh Ants are 1/16 of an inch in length.

Pharaoh Ants are a yellowish color.

Typically Pharaoh Ants can be found in the spring, summer and fall months.

Pharaoh Ants nest in wall voids, behind baseboards, between liners and enter the home through small exterior cracks.

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How to Get Rid of Pharaoh Ants

Pharaoh ants can become a major problem, especially when infesting buildings. When disturbed with repellant insecticides, the colony will scatter and create many new colonies. It is best to contact a pest control professional when pharaoh ants are causing problems. A colony of pharaoh ants will scatter if a toxic substance disturbs it, creating multiple problems where there had been only one. In controlling pharaoh ants, it is often advisable to seek professional help.

Pharaoh ants have multiple queens and are able to move their colonies from place to place when disturbed. Pharaoh ants begin new colonies when a small group of workers and a single queen migrate from their colony to start a new colony.

Control of Pharaoh ants is difficult, due to their nesting in inaccessible areas. Treatment must be thorough and complete at all nesting sites, as well as the foraging area. Thus, treatment must include walls, ceilings, floor voids, and electrical wall outlets. Baits are the preferred method of control for Pharaoh ants and several baits (insecticides) are labeled for indoor ant control. Ants nesting on the outside may be controlled by also using a perimeter barrier treatment.

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