Blow Fly Facts

The blow fly prefers temperate to tropical areas.

Blow flies are often shiny with metallic-like blue, green or black bodies and are slightly larger than a housefly.

They have the ability to smell dead animal matter as far as a mile away.

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How to Get Rid of Blow Flies

As blow flies are attracted to dead animal matter, and rotting trash, the first order of business in eliminating them centers on locating and extracting the dead and decaying animal or trash from your property or removing the receptacle containing rotting meat and discarding the contents in a leak-proof plastic bag. Thoroughly cleaning infested areas with bleach and citrus cleaners will help control the foul, decomposing flesh odors which attract blow flies.

Adult flies can be challenging; contact a professional.
Dealing with the remaining adult flies can be challenging as flying insects are of the most difficult to control. Instead, contact a professional pest control company, such as Truly Nolen. Your blow fly concerns will be eradicated and your home will remain healthy.

Truly Nolen keeps your home and family healthy.
Utilizing our innovative Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system, we use naturally-occurring materials whenever possible. With a combination of strategic practices and effective materials, your Truly Nolen technician keeps your home and family blow fly free.

Prevent blow flies by vigilantly cleaning.
Getting into a strict sanitation routine can help prevent blow flies from invading your home. Removing blow fly-friendly conditions, by securing all food scraps in closed trash bags and in trash receptacles with tight-fitting lids will make a huge difference in maintaining a pest-free environment.