Thief Ant Facts

Thief ants are experts at stealing things, especially food.

They are only about 1/16th of an inch and gold in color.

Thief ants love dead insects and will eat just about anything.

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Florida Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ant

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Carpenter Ant

How to Get Rid of Thief Ants

At the first sign of thief ants parading around your home, remove them with a soapy sponge. Then proceed to get rid of thief ants by:

  • Caulking cracks and crevices near doors and windows.

    Getting in the habit of wiping down food prep and dining areas after every snack and meal.

    Sweeping or vacuuming kitchen floors and dining areas, especially under dining tables after every use.

    If your thief ant infestation seems out of control, cut to the chase and contact Truly Nolen.

Because thief ants are so tiny and live in underground nests, general ant insecticides won’t get to the heart of the problem, plus thief ants are resistant to most ant traps. If you suspect you have an indoor thief ant infestation, before you start drilling holes in your walls or worse, contact Truly Nolen to place baits near thief ant activity.

Truly Nolen technicians will monitor and replenish bait material when needed until your thief ant population is eliminated. After thief ants circulate bait material to their nests, it could still take a few weeks to eliminate all thief ants, depending on the size of the colony infiltrated with protein-loving ant bait.

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