Thief Ant Facts

Thief ants are experts at stealing things, especially food.

They are only about 1/16th of an inch and gold in color.

Thief ants love dead insects and will eat just about anything.

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Carpenter Ant

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Carpenter Ant

Thief Ant Infestation

Thief ants can be persistent. Due to their tiny size and their underground living habits, thief ants can withstand attacks that decimate Argentine ant and crazy ant colonies, because they live underground, thief ants remain out of the way and out of sight of pest control methods. Preventive exclusion of thief ants from your home, sealing cracks, crevices and holes where thief ants might sneak in, can be the best way to control them.

Taking care to wipe down all kitchen countertops and sweep or vacuum all floors regularly after snacks and meals to eliminate crumbs and spills will help deter thief ants. Making sure all open snacks, chips and other open dried goods in your pantry are stored in air-tight glass, metal or hard plastic containers will deter thief ants from infesting bags of open greasy snacks.

In the event you find thief ants in your home, the swipe of a sponge will eliminate the ants you see but only by finding and eliminating thief ant nests will your thief ant issues go away. And here’s another thing: Thief ants are almost identical to pharaoh ants in appearance, but require different control methods to eliminate colonies. Truly Nolen technicians are trained and experienced in assessing your ant issues, getting to the bottom of any and all pest issues by devising the most practical, homeowner-friendly solutions.

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