Five Key Steps

The Truly Nolen Three Zone Pest Management Program incorporates five key steps. Following these steps is critical to the technician’s success.

One The Inspection of the premises begins with a customer INTERVIEW, followed by a VISUAL INSPECTION. A thorough inspection and review of the site logbook are necessary to determine the problem, formulate a course of action, implement the action and decide what follow-up is needed. The inspection process is the first step in solving the customer’s problem(s). During the inspection process, the technician must inspect entry points and food sources. Make thorough notes of all findings and always invite the customer to participate in the inspection process. Revise the original sanitation report and graph as appropriate.

Two Identification of type of insect and “conditions conducive,” such as organic debris. Search out cracks and crevices in which insects hide. Proper identification is the foundation for determining the appropriate control plan.




Determination involves the formulation of a plan of action. Consider the customer’s needs. In the case of venomous insects, most customers will consider the matter urgent. Plan exclusionary activities and eradication of the existing infestation. Treatment methods are based on the type of insects identified, in addition to a general preventative program.
The three major aspects of control & prevention are:

          • Sanitation

          • Exclusion / Prevention

          • Elimination / Determination


Control and prevention is the execution of a strategic plan. Apply the various materials and treatment methods in a careful and meticulous manner. Make sure that the work is done in a way that is respectful of the customer’s environment. Clean up all areas before leaving


Five Communication with the customer means that the technician will discuss with the customer his inspection findings, sanitary issues, the exclusionary and elimination treatments performed, and the technician’s intent to continually monitor the environment until the infestation is resolved. Talk with the customer whenever possible. The tech will always thank the customer for his/her business!