Rodent Control

rodent control

Trapping, Exclusion, Nest Removal and Remediation*

This premier program includes:

  • Rodent proofing the structure
  • Trapping and removing rodents already inside the structure
  • Placement of exterior bait stations to reduce rodent pressure
  • Checking traps every 48 hours until population is eradicated
  • Removal of nesting material and any dead rodents found
  • Sanitization of all affected surfaces
  • Residual material application to eliminate pests associated with rodents, such as cockroaches, carpet beetles and feasting insects (fleas, ticks & mites)

Trapping and Exclusion*

This six step program begins with physically preventing rodents from entering the target area. Rodent proofing or “building them out” is a critical step in any comprehensive rodent control program.

Once the exclusionary measures are completed, the technician then traps the rodents already inside the structure. Traps are checked every 48 hours until population is eradicated.

Weekly Trapping & Removal

This service provides for the placement of traps in the infested area of the structure. Sold by the week, this service includes two follow-up visits during the week to clear and reset traps. Not recommended – Does not include any measures to prevent rodents from re-entering the structure, so reinfestation is very likely! No warranty is provided.

Exterior Baiting*

This solution can be preventative or corrective. If rodent pressure increases or rodents are a common problem in your area, it’s wise to implement a baiting and monitoring program to check for and promptly handle rodents before they penetrate your commercial structure.

*This program provides monthly monitoring with an annual agreement for your ongoing protection. And, as always, your satisfaction is guaranteed!